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homes tea d

a project by Danielle Tobias
home·stead / ˈhōm-ˌsted/ 
1. (verb, homestead-ing) to settle on a territory
2. (noun, homestead-er) the owner or keeper of an area of land used for growing
3. (noun) an ancestral place of residence, working land which one returns to and whose affections are centered

The motivation when I first picked up a camera was to become a documentary photographer. Decades have gone by while I searched for the right story to capture. Life almost snuck by me waiting in anticipation. I can't tell you how or when it dawned on me. I'd been making it all along. The things I wanted to document when art what daunting. The place I came back to when photography became a burden. The work I lost myself in when work was too much.  My art has been my life, that my life has been my art - since we started the homestead.

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